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A personal look into...OUR STORY


You may be asking yourself...What sets our company apart from all the other private security companies out there? The answer is actually very simple. We understand the importance of always being there for our clients. We understand that you have a lot to manage on a day-to-day basis and the last thing you want to do is spend your day on the phone trying to get the security you need, whether it be for your property or company's assets. We also understand the importance of being a customer oriented company. That is why our management team is sitting by the phone, day and night 24 hours a day. Even on holidays. Our family started this company back in 2003 on the dream that we could do what we love to others to keep themselves and their assets safe from those who wish to do them harm. The founders of this company found that security was an ever growing field especially in the rise of recent riots and the ever growing pandemic. 

We started simply. We knew we wanted to be in the security service industry. When we started, we were able to get a few smaller clients that paid below the going rate for security service. We thought that would be the easiest way to start a business and then later grow it. We were able to launch the business on a shoestring budget. We secured the required state permits and insurance documents. We now have a large client base that covers the entire state. Starting with just 4 security officers in 2003, we now employ over 3,000 certified and highly trained security professionals in every county in the state of California. 

Enhanced Security Solutions Incorporated is a Southern California based provider of private security services, security consulting, and training services. We currently operate out of our headquarters offices in Riverside, California. One of our founders has worked as the Branch manager of Brinks Armored, an Account Manager for Microsoft Security, an Account Manager for JCPenney Loss Prevention and a level 4 Loss Prevention Specialist for Amazon. We are a growing company whose principles and operators bring a combined 50+ years of military, government security and private sector security program management experience. Our company is a leading provider of professional security services in the State of California. We provide our clients with the best options to protect their property and assets with a range of security solutions that are affordable and effective to mitigate potential risk.

Enhanced Security Solutions Incorporated specializes in identifying threats and vulnerabilities to create countermeasures to reduce risk. Our security consultants generate personalized security programs and plans, customized and tailored to your organization’s security needs and budget. Our company is a licensed Security and Investigations Agency, and Security Academy in the State of California. Our client base includes the United States Federal Government, private relief organizations, Fortune 500 businesses, and private organizations. Our team consists of veterans from U.S. Military Special Operations and former Law Enforcement, all who possess decades of real-world security experience. We lead from the front, and we are committed to providing our family of client’s superior, yet affordable quality security and support services. We look forward to helping you assess your security requirements and finding the solutions that best fit your security needs.


One of the unique capabilities that we have is the proven ability to rapidly staff security personnel for projects of all size and scope. Our Security Training Academy has locations throughout Southern California and is one of the largest security training academies in the state. Our company was the first security-training academy in California to be recognized and approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This provides us with a steady flow of qualified, disciplined, U.S. Military Veteran candidates that we prepare for careers in the private security sector. Many of these student veterans are sought for employment by our company.

Enhanced Security Solutions Incorporated has the reach of a large-scale organization, with the flexibility and customer service attributes of a small business. Our company has over 23 years of experience in the security industry and have assisted with many new company startups located in the Inland Empire. Since our management team are available 24/7, you can rest assured that our entire team will not sleep until your needs are met. We offer the same great service as other larger companies at a much lower cost to you, the client. We’ve treated every client with the up most respect and spend 100% of our time ensuring that every need is thoroughly met. Other companies don’t come close to providing our level of service by both our security team and our management staff.

Our management team focuses on the needs of clients in both professional and private settings. Whether on a short-term consultation or a long-term protection assignment, our integrated and highly discreet approach enables us to build client relationships that last. An extensive network of professional affiliations extends our capabilities nationally and internationally.


If you would like to learn more about our customer service awards and would like to get a free quote,

please contact our office and one of our professional staff members will assist you.

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