We are more than just a private security company. Our team takes a look at your company's unique security needs and provide you with the perfect solution for those needs. Below are services that our team specialize in.


Our security officers arrive in full class A uniforms and are fully trained in customer service. We provide officers for any event such as weddings, graduations, quinceaneras, family reunions, and many more. Our officers insure that all building policies and procedures are followed. Please call for a fast and easy quote.


Our company has a fleet of patrol cars that can monitor your property many times per night to insure that your property is safe from vandalism and unwanted guests that need to be removed from the property. All officers are trained in conflict resolution.


Our trained security officers can be posted either at a guard shack or on foot and be able to log in visitors, contractors, and employees as requested. Our officers are trained on multiple gate management systems and all additonal training that is required by the client will be covered by our trainers.


The number one deterrence for vandalism, vehicle break-ins, and even shop lifting. Our security officers are in full class A uniforms and are well trained to deter threats, but are also trained in customer service. Your customers will feel at ease and safe with one of our professional security officers standing post at your storefront.


Our highly trained security staff will make sure that you have the right size team for the job. We understand that you have a budget and will work closely with you in order to provide the service you need at a cost that will make you comfortable. No matter the size of the warehouse or the contents, our team is trained to protect it.


Our company currently holds large contracts with businesses that require extensive screening procedures. Our security officers are trained in using walk-through metal detectors, hand wands, x-ray machines and thermal body scanners.


If you currently need security for a warehouse which requires a yard management system, we can help. Our security officers are trained on how to use various YMS systems for many clients that we hold contracts with.



Our personal security personnel are highly trained and in most cases active or retired law enforcement officers who currently or previously held protection detail assignments within their respective agencies. Our officers hold exposed weapons permits as well as concealed permits.

Officer training and education is vital for our personnel. We never send an officer to your location without proper training to insure the highest caliber officer. All permits are issued as required by law to individual officers and kept on file for client's records. Training is held every four months.


Our company is the largest provider in California to all major banks and financial institutes. Our highly trained guards keep technichians safe while they are exposed to the public repairing atms.