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Active Shooter Reports at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego Forced Shoppers Into Hiding...

At of 9:15pm last night, San Diego Police confirmed there was not an active shooter as previously reported, but had not confirmed if any shots were fired or if anyone was injured or arrested.

The reports came in at around 8:00pm from a NBC 7 news employee that was shopping at the mall and said that law enforcement personnel were running through the mall telling shoppers to go into stores and lock the doors. The employee saw stores reopening their doors soon after.

A witness named Andrea told NBC 7 that shoppers were running into stores to hide and storefronts were swiftly closing their security doors.

Nordstroms let our crew in and told us there was an active shooter, so we hid in the dressing room," Andrea said. It was terrifying. It's terrifying but it's reality in America. As scary as it is, we sort of thought, 'Oh, I guess it's our turn to be terrified.'"

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