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Highly trained and a local hero to our community.

State certified firearm instructor and Security Officer M. Palacio has show that he is willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him to protect his local community. With a rise in bank jugging incidents, skimming devices found more than ever before, and with patrons being robbed at gun point at ATMs all around the state, our company, Enhanced Security Solutions, inc. has been contracted to place more armed Security Officers at more banks across the state then ever before. Palacio has responded to a record number of bank break-ins, ATM vandalism reports, and skimming device discoveries. He has been instrumental in protecting bank patrons from jugging incidents and ATM robberies by working with local law enforcement to insure that anyone heartless enough to commit these heinous acts are prosecuted.

Our company employs over 300 of these state certified and bonded Security Officers all around the state. We cover every county from San Diego to San Francisco and are quickly branching out to new clients daily. We want to thank you not only our Security Officers out there on the streets everyday, but we also want to thank the people in the community for allowing our company the honor of protecting them.

Together we are strong. Please look out for each other. #security #lossprevention #banking #facebookpost #skimming #community #Hero

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